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I'm part of this epic icon family! noldorinfamilystore.deviantart… :love: Noldor shall rule the world! :mwahaha:


1. Introduction by FaeOfWinter
1. Introduction
First picture of the 100 Themes Challenge I'm doing with :iconzombiekoira: :iconneoxpuff:.
We're doing the challenge with our Crackpasta roleplay characters.

1. Introduction 
When my OC Fae and Zalgo (based on Creepypasta) met. (:

Heavy raindrops shattered on the sandy mountainside, as four wide hooves galloped over the hills. A carbon black mare carried a rider, who was as dark as the closening night. Zalgo was the name of the pitch black  rider, and his mount Marshmallow carried the lord willingly. Zalgo was a demon, lord of the souls. He was in charge of the dimension, Crackpasta, which we have stepped onto. There, in this dimension, had been an open portal gate just a day ago. Zalgo wasn't sure if anyone had entered inside his realm, but he had felt the open gate forming in middle of the forest. It happened from time to time, he couldn't really control it and never had felt the need to.

Her last memories were of a dying elf and the pain against her back, coming from an iron chain. Then, a day ago, she had travelled the Halls of Mandos, dead but still existing, she dwelled in those halls for such a long time that it surely was longer than a lifetime. Never had she felt so bored, but now, the mist of the halls had changed into this reality of feeling the rain on your skin, even the coldness against your bones. She had missed it so much, the gentle touches of the forest biotopes. Her name was Fae, and she was half elven, and she had not the slightest idea where she was, but that didn't scare her, just got her curious and very confused. Fae loved the rain on her already wet clothes, so the elf began to sing for the freedom she hadn't felt for ages.

Marshmallow galloped in her full speed, as Zalgo's hearing caught a fair song coming from the deeps of the forest. The demon lord got curious, asking Marshmallow to follow the sound. They rode, but not for a long time when Fae's watery form was revealed to the lord. There she stood and walked, behind the tall trees. The demon stared at her from a distance, and the more he saw the more he wanted to talk to her. But he was uncertain, for he was a demon, he didn't want to scare the woman away with his appearance. Marshmallow, who had started eating the plants, or whatever was growing in front of her muzzle, stepped on a rotten wooden stick, making a loud snap sound, which made Fae turn her head  right at the horse who stood in the safety of the bushes. Then her dark blue eyes met the demon's fiery red ones, and she had a surprised look on her face. Fae didn't move nor get scared. After a moment of studying each other her curiosity took a hold on her.
''Good evening, sir'', she said in a warm tone, and Zalgo's dimples met her kind eyes.
''Miss'', Zalgo bowed on top of the horse, ''good evening. Just call me Zalgo. I suppose you came here yesterday?''
Fae tilted her head to the left, questioning this man. How could he know about her?
''Well, yes I did. How come you know... Zalgo?''
''I'm the lord of this dimension, and I feel most of the offsets in its web. You found one of those yesterday, and it brought you here. I guess you're far from home?''
''You  could say s... Ai! Watch out!'', cried Fae, who had just noticed a big wild cat hiding in the shadows.

It's eyes shimmered in a hungry tone, as it jumped on poor Marshmallow, who tried to buck it off.  Fae didn't think, she acted. She felt a small elvish knife in her pockets, and trusting on it, and thinking of all the months she had been fighting different kinds of dark creatures, she ran to the cat, giving it a warning look, growling and challenging the space, and as the cat started to look at her in a very irritated manner, it attacked the woman. Fae predicted its movement and soon the knife touched the lower part of the beasts throat. Then the beast knew that Fae was the boss. It didn't look too happy about it, but at least it withdrawed.
''We're not your meals'', she said to it, as she watched the big kitty go.

''Miss! Are you fine? I apologise, I was very confused to see this... fight, so I did nothing to help you... please forgive me, miss...?''
''Fae, you can call me Fae. It's fine, truly, I've had a fair share of wild animals attacking me.'' Zalgo looked at the halfelven before her, stretching his arm in a welcoming manner, hoping that she would grab it, for she noticeably suffered from the coldness, even if she didn't seem to mind.
''Fae... Please be my guest? I live near here, you need to get warm, you're soaking because of this rain, and shaking too. Let me help you, it's the least I can do.''
'Thank you, Zalgo, I'd like that.''
The halfelven looked at the demon and smiled. For what she saw was something she had no idea existed. The demon's heart was kind, and she knew he could be trusted, even if the pitch black skin and sharp horns told her of his dark origins. She took his hand without hesitating, and soon Marshmallow carried both of them.
As their mount started to canter, Fae curled her arms around the demon. A simple gesture of trust like that made Zalgo feel a lot more
happier than he had for a long time. He closed his eyes, and smiled, hoping that Fae would stay with him. Oh boy, the demon had no idea about their shared future, shining ahead.

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